About Nicro

Nicro was established in 1973, located in a 3500 square metre factory in Siljan, Telemark.
From 1993 Nicro is accepted according to ISO 9001. Certification system. This means that the firm has an approved internal control system regarding development, construction, sales, production, shipment, installation and service. This system is tested by an independent part once a year.

Nicro is a 100% Norwegian private limited company, with a share capital of 2 mill. NOK and 46 employees.

Nicro environment profile

Nicro is a manufacturer of purpose made high quality stainless steel and acid proof stainless steel products. Nicro has 100% recycling of this internly, and has joined an approved return settlement.
Nicro reduces the company enviroment burden to a minimum by sorting other types of waste.